Tomcats on Tinder

Meet Tom.

Tom and I matched on Tinder.

Because cats in outer space, you don’t meet them too often on internet dating sites.

It started out all playful, warm, fuzzy; we were having pretty decent conversation.

Then it got sneezy real quick.

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This City Ain’t Big Enough For the Both of Us.

It’s like he knew all about my narcissism and blog without ever meeting me! And the best part was that he knew just what to say to make me have a great fucking day. . . wait. wait. no.
Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 1.24.29 PM

Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 1.30.20 PM

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You Pick the Response: Bring Sexy Back?

So, there are several ways I could go with this one.

Write what you think I should respond with and I’ll use the best one!



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I’m Up For It, But You’re Not Going to Show Up For it.


I don’t think he understood. One has to at least commit to the casual sex for the casual sex to happen. Also, what’s up with calling someone a FWB if you’re not actually friends with them? Shouldn’t they just be called like a fuck toy or something? What do I know!

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I’m Starting to Really Not Like Guys


strapon2 strapon3

And somewhere in the middle of the above conversation this conversation was happening in a different thread. . .


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The Pick-Up: When it All Falls Down






My own tears.




Yabba Dabba Do.









There is no way to properly answer this question.




I’m a mind reader, duh.







I seriously don’t get what he’s going for here.






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